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Pensiere (Thoughts as they may be)...
I awoke from my sleep, to a beautiful rain... Need I say more to stir the imagination... The slumber trade off was worth the sight, the sound, the fragrance, and the experience. Ask yourself, how many times might you have that opportunity go by, and never really notice. Birds almost plundered to the feedings they await, the lawns and streets drenched so precise. Would God accept my appreciations at this moment. If only in thought...

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"The PAN", is bassist Pan Sciore from Calgary, AB, CANADA.  Currently, the CD entitled "Peligro Andante" is  released in 2016. For inquiries of CD copy, please send email to:

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For your listening pleasure, some audio sound bites are below for you to hear and enjoy, from the Audio CD "Peligro Andante", by The Pan!

"The Way Home" -  "Backlash" - "D-Funk'D"  - 

"Flowers for Francesca"  - "Fret Me Do I Bleed" -  "Peligro Andante" - 

"Requiem Linus" -

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