Some of the bands I am playing with these days:

The BluesLand Horn Band

The Alberta Liquor Birds

Dr. Z and the Boys

Take care of your furry friends, and/or whatever animals you may have.  My poozzee-gattos, Gib and Pepp say HI!

Links and Stuff!!

If you have a link that want me to link, toss me an email, and I will place it for you right here! 

CJSW Radio Network - one cool radio station, thank you for airplay!!

Smooth Jazz Germany - one cool publication, thank you for the wonderful reviews!!

CKUA Radio Network - one cool radio network, thank you for your support!!

Gotta like some fans and the pics they send ya! You all make my day, and thank you for enjoying my music!  (kiss Kiss Cathy and yer Ma!)

What's New!

A Wonderful review from Smooth Jazz Radio Network in Germany.  This article is from Hans-Burnd Hulsmann in Kaarst, Germany - Thank you so kindly!